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The Most Incredible Article About Streetwear You’ll Ever Read

The History of Streetwear: Urban Beginnings

Streetwear has been a hot commodity for about 30 years now, and there’s a clear reason as to why that is. The youth these days always want the right kind of fashion, wearing specific brands or types of clothing is a great way to go about expressing yourself. Everybody has something to express, and doing it through the use of clothing has never been easier. Streetwear has pretty much urban roots, and when you realize how far it’s come you’re probably going to be shocked. Everything has to start from the ground up, even something as large as streetwear. This industry gives everybody a voice, and it gives hope to designers who feel like they’re about to make that big break. It wouldn’t be this way if the past hadn’t paved a way for the present, and that’s exactly what this article is going to talk about. There isn’t a specific historical event that would mark the making of streetwear. In fact, nobody really knows when it was initially introduced into the world. One thing is for sure though, streetwear is taking the world by storm (and it’s probably going to stay that way for the foreseen future).

Think about it, all of your favorite actors and singers are wearing streetwear, so it only makes you want to own it more. There are a lot of things that go into the construction of a streetwear brand, especially one that’s going to resonate and really start to sell. Within the past 30 years or so, streetwear has been represented in many different lights. Every single decade that passes brings a brand new style to the table, and that’s what we’re covering today. We’re going to delve deeper into the history of streetwear, as we’ll look at some of the most influential names and styles to ever hit our society. Clothes mean a lot more to us than some would think! It initially started in the 80’s, which is where Shawn Stussy started a streetwear uprising. This is the era of people wearing bell-bottom pants and spandex whenever they’d like, so you can imagine how much buzz streetwear was building when it was released at first.

There is a considerable amount of change that has happened throughout the years when you’re talking about streetwear. If there wasn’t change, would we really need to cover the history of this industry? In particular, the 90’s really presented a strong case when it comes to the “strongest streetwear” phase throughout the years. Then again, who’s to say we won’t go streetwear crazy like the 90’s all over again? That is, if we haven’t already!