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Food 4 Thought

How To Keep Fitness Fun

We’ve all been there. Things are going great, you’re hitting goals, staying consistent. Alas, your workout starts to feel stale. Your routine has lost its sparkle.

Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. The question is, what do/will you do to keep it fun?

Other than good form there aren’t any rules dictating how to workout or how to keep fitness fun and exciting. Because it should be. It should be something we look forward to. That’s how we make it a part of our lives.

A few ideas have to do with changing up the workout itself. Don’t get stuck doing the same movements with the same reps in the same order because that’s what you’re comfortable with. You can take a basic routine and instead of doing 25 reps x 4 for each movement go ahead and set a stopwatch for 1 min and burn yourself out. Take note of how many reps you did and try to beat your score the next time. Or switch that up. Do a set number (or the whole routine) and time how long it takes you to complete. Keep beating yourself.

Remind yourself what a beast you are and challenge yourself to go outside your box and conquer something new. Do you love lifting but cringe when you hear your trainer say run or the “c” word (cardio)? If you take classes, try a different class that makes you work differently. Love spin but loathe heavy weights? Pick one that you despise and handle it. Make it yours. Even if you don’t end up loving it you’ve still attempted a change that could open up your fitness world.

Think about what interests you. I like music with bass. So I splurged on nice headphones and I crank it up for my workouts. It makes such a big difference.

Little details make a big difference, mix it up, keep it new.

So, how do you keep your routine exciting?

-Amanda Crihfield

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